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Babbling Brook Pre-K encourages children to explore the world around them while learning to connect with others and develop a strong sense of self.  We emphasize project based learning with hands on activities, research projects and plenty of reading.  

Our curriculum is student centered and thus will vary depending on the interests of the children, we are focused on learning skills that will push students beyond traditional learning and inspire a love of learning in all subject areas.



Children are naturally curious information seekers and they thrive in an environment where they feel safe to question, test and reflect on the world around them.  Babbling Brook is that environment.  With 4 acres of wooded and non-wooded property, a brook and wildlife galore we utilize the great outdoors for much of our learning.


The curriculum is a mix of teacher initiated and student initiated experiences. Much like the children, the curriculum is dynamic; customized to the children's interests and needs and continually providing enriching experiences for each child.  

While our curriculum is project and play based we recognize the importance of dedicated ELA and Math instruction, in an age appropriate, fun manner, and allot time for those blocks within our daily schedule. 


"BonnieJeanne did a fantastic job with my son’s kindergarten pod. He loved every moment of it and it made a huge difference in his education this year."



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Reading will be done as a group, in small groups, with a buddy, with a teacher and independently.  Daily read-alouds may be chapters in a chapter book, a subject book on a particular area we are learning about, a fun read, a seasonal book, poetry, etc.  During this time we will pause and discuss the book, improving comprehension and understanding. Children will also be encouraged to pick up books of interest and "read" independently.


Writing will be woven into the curriculum in many ways.  Students will practice writing their name daily, graduating from assisted writing to first and last name unassisted.  We will work in a journal where the students can creatively express themselves through words and art. Writing will also be incorporated in other ways such as finding another Pre-K to become our penpal or write letters to family or make a list of animals we see on a nature walk.  Creative wriring and expression will be seen In many different forms throughout the year.


The basics of both reading and writing is phonics and phonemic awareness.  We will use the principals of Wilson's Fundations to gain an understanding basic alphabetical principles, letter name and sound recognition and the written letters in isolation or in the child's name. Fundations will have a dedicated block of time each day. 


The focus in math in Pre-K is to gain an understanding of numbers, counting and one-to-one correspondence.  This is done through games, manipulatives and play.   We will use the great outdoors to find shapes, go on scavenger hunts, compare size and quantity and group objects together.  Singing is also a big part of math as we sing number, counting and shape songs.


During science  we emphasize process and inquiry.  Experiements are designed to encourage questions and hypothesize after careful observation and discussion.  Students learn about the scientific method and how to compare, measure and record their observations. We use the world around us to learn about how to care for nature. Baking and cooking are also a part of our science and math curriculum.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we learn about inclusivity, social justice and empathy. We learn about what makes up a family and a community and celebrate holidays and diversity.  We like to have special guests come to our classroom to give children opportunities to ask questions in a meaningful way to real people.

Visual Art and Performing Arts

Children will learn to use a variety of different mediums during our creative process.  We use art as a way to improve fine motor skills, listening skills and respect for others' work.  Dress up and dramatic play encourages children to use their physical and mental creativity and work together as a team.


Physical Education

Physical Education is taught in a structured and unstructured environment.  Outdoor recess may include soccer games, frisbee, nature walks, learning how to pump independently on a swing or just running around playing tag.  Inside, we will have one minute challenges where children learn an exercise and complete it for a minute or a dance party to keep moving on dreary days!  We also spend time learning healthy habits and how to be mindful of ourselves and others. 

Music and Movement

Children explore the world of music through a variety of musical instruments, learning songs and creative dance.  We also have occasional guests come into the classroom to perform with different instruments.

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