Parent and Family Engagement

Parent and family engagement is critical for early child development and helps to set the stage for many years of success.  At Babbling Brook we support this engagement in a variety of ways to ensure all families have opportunities to become involved in the classroom.



We celebrate all holidays at Babbling Brook.  Children are encouraged to share their traditions and we try to incorporate some of these traditions into our celebrations in the classroom and learn about them through special guests and read alouds.


Birthdays are a source of pure joy for young children.  Parents coming to the classroom to read a book and celebrate with the class makes each child so proud and we love to make children feel proud at Babbling Brook!  As a small class we are flexible and can work around parents' schedules to find the best time to celebrate your little one's birthday!

Parent Communication

Through our shared album parents get pictures of what is going on at Babbling Brook each week.  This is a great way to start conversations at family dinners on the weekends also, the little ones love explaining their pictures!

Monthly newsletters are sent home reviewing what we did the prior month and what to expect in the upcoming month.

Twice a year parents are offerred parent teacher conferences to review their child's progress through the year.